About Lebensgut Verlag

The soul as inspiration

At some point in time everyone asks himself what the meaning of his life might be. Often, however, traditional ways of thinking and outdated gender-specific role models hinder us to identify the meaning of our life. Through the publications of the LebensGut Verlag, I would like to encourage the dissolution of old thinking patterns and thus stimulate a new awareness and reflection towards a more humane attitude.


A lot of people feel a deep longing for more reality in their lives. They wish to be accepted in their wholeness and vulnerability. I have made it my goal with LebensGut to fulfil this longing.


The soul as inspiration against performance orientation. Reflecting on one’s own intuition and giving space to one’s feelings instead of joining the striving for “faster, higher, further” – this is the attitude that makes up LebensGut Verlag.


Walentina Sommer

In August 2019 I took over the LebensGut Verlag. Originally the publishing house has been founded by Grit Scholz in 2007, who after 12 years of publishing activity is now devoting herself to new tasks and goals.