About the Publisher

In August 2019 I took over the LebensGut Verlag. Originally the publishing house has been founded by Grit Scholz in 2007, who after 12 years of publishing activity is now devoting herself to new tasks and goals.


My Vision

My vision is to strengthen the awareness of the importance of the intelligence of our feelings, intuition and human involvement in society. Topics such as intuition, soul and reality are important resources for every human being and therefore I want to contribute to giving them a place in the daily thinking and acting of all people. This is my collective goal as a publisher. 


For this reason I publish books that go far beyond the rational and appeal to the human emotional and spiritual world.


Focusing on people and their true needs – this approach I also follow in my main profession as a financial advisor. Soul and emotion at odds with financial issues? Not at all, in my opinion. After all, the wishes and goals of my clients have top priority in my advisory work as well. They serve as my guiding star in selecting suitable products and solutions for each of my clients.

The attitude towards values and value creation is reflected in the big picture as well as in the small, both inside and outside. By changing the flow of money, each and every one of us can influence which projects and companies have more capital available and which ones grow faster. Those who maximize profits without consideration of losses or those who show respect for Mother Nature and work in a resource-saving manner in their actions.