Our Vision

Our existence is an ongoing journey of discovery. During this journey, man should reflect on his intuition as a wise advisor and source of strength and become aware of his own reality.

Intuition als Ratgeber und Kraftquelle LebensGut Verlag

Let the Soul Speak

Many people feel a deep longing to show themselves as they really are. They no longer want to pretend but accept their body as it really is. It is a longing for real connections and the danger-free showing of vulnerability. They want to let their soul speak and meet others from the depth of their soul. Because this makes a new and enriching togetherness possible.

Lebensgut Verlag wants to build bridges of deep understanding between all people, regardless of gender, origin or age.

We wish …

… that society learns again to trust in the strong power of intuition and the natural intelligence of our feelings. Because if we give emotional and mental intelligence the same space, body, mind and soul come alive – and miracles become possible again.

 This is why we publish literature that is suitable as food for the soul. Our books help people to discover the truth and reality that dwells in the depths of the human soul. This awareness releases creativity, strengthens the life force and leads to a balanced cooperation of body, mind and soul

Literatur als Nahrung für die Seele LebensGut Verlag