Grit Scholz

For many years Grit Scholz has been committed to a healthy and satisfying view of the female body.

 As a process advisor for individuals, couples, families, teams and communities, she passes on her experiences and supports in recognizing and leaving behind useless and obstructive patterns in order to find new true and lively ways.

Das Tor ins Leben Grit Scholz LebensGut Verlag

From Woman to Woman

Grit Scholz was born in Leipzig in 1965. Today she lives in Elsteraue in Saxony-Anhalt. She works as an author and freelance graphic designer, makes lecture tours and exhibitions, workshops and readings.

Grit Scholz Prozessbegleiterin LebensGut Verlag

She has made it her business to recognize and research obstructive life and thought patterns in order to discard them and thus to follow lively paths.

Grit Scholz Das Tor ins Leben Weiblichkeit

An important aspect of her work are topics around femininity. This is where the idea for “The Gateway to Life” came from. The “Gateway to Life” is a picture book that illustrates the uniqueness, beauty and diversity of the vulva and contrasts these forms from nature such as shells, flowers or butterflies. A book by women for women, because it brings femininity back to Mother Nature.

The aim of the author is to provide an appreciative, healthy view of the female womb – beyond sexist, pornographic or medical considerations. The illustrated book should help women to recognize themselves, to appreciate the variety of forms and varieties of nature and to accept their body with joy. For in Scholz’s view, this is the prerequisite for self-empowerment, for healthy and loving relationships and a fulfilled pregnancy and motherhood.

Das Tor ins Leben von Grit Scholz LebensGut Verlag

Grit Scholz’ Main Book

A new look at the female genitals – loving and unique!